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Simple, Creative Halloween Costumes

Thanks to Berkeley mom Lisa Fontaine for contributing her creative DIY Halloween costume ideas.

Anna Wintour kid’s costume

Anna Wintour child's costume
Anna Wintour child’s costume | photo: Oh Happy Day

What little girl doesn’t love dressing up in Mama’s pearls and oversized sunglasses? My own daughter loves to flip through the pages of Vogue when it arrives each month and sits on our coffee table. Her favorite part of the magazine is sniffing the abundance of perfume samples. I personally prefer a nice essential oil, but I choose to live in Berkeley after all. This daughter of mine has her heart set to live in the Big Apple one day. An Anna Wintour costume is perfect for my fashion obsessed girl. It could probably be assembled with pre-owned items or with a trip to the thrift store. My favorite is The Salvation Army Oakland at 379 12th St.

A Third Eye Costume

For the kid who hates dressing up, a painted giant eye on the forehead might just be the perfect solution for Halloween. Snazaroo Face Paints are my favorite and can be purchased online or at Blick.

Third Eye Costume | photo: Lisa Fontaine

Berkeley at 
1360 Tenth St.
Oakland at 5301 Broadway

Animal Noses as simple costume

DIY animal nose and done | Photo
DIY animal nose and done | Photo

My children tend to change costume ideas dozens of times throughout the year. Does this sound familiar? We’ve even experienced costume changes on the eve of Halloween night. This set of animal noses, constructed from an egg carton, is perfect for the indecisive type (or just buy an animal nose mini mask). They can be a mouse at the Halloween parade, a fox at the friend’s costume party and a gator on Halloween night.

Cool costume: Photostrip

Photostrip Halloween Costume
Photostrip Halloween Costume | Photo: by Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids Photography for Oh Happy Day

Here is another favorite from a sweet costume series on Oh Happy Day. To be honest, my kids prefer a prop to a costume. Costumes can be itchy and awkward and turn the holiday into a big ‘ol crabfest if not properly paired with a compatible personality. For example, if my easy going child wants to dress up as a soapbox car requiring him to waddle around the neighborhood in proportions ten times his regular size, I say, “great!” However, if my spirited child makes the same request, I know it is in our best interest to direct him elsewhere. This child of mine also happens to be the goofy one in our family who loves to make people laugh so an evening full of funny faces is better suited for his spirit.

An Alice-In-Wonderland-inspired Costume

House as a head costume
photo: the fox is black Justin Wallis

Order some striped pajamas from Amazon and turn the box into a house with this weekend craft project. In the end, you have a fun and unusual Halloween costume for less than 20 bucks. Oh, and a new pair of pjs that can be used again and again and again.

Thanks, Lisa! Get more from Lisa at her shop, morningtide shop in Albany.

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