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Sponsor Spotlight: Berkeley Hills Nursery School

Thanks to our sponsor, Berkeley Hills Nursery School (BHNS). Berkeley Hills combines the cozy atmosphere of a small school with lots of engaging outdoor play and an exceptionally experienced team of teachers.

young child doing science experiment on playground
Science at work! | Photo: Kathleen Berland/BHNS

About Berkeley Hills Nursery School

At BHNS, children learn through play

BHNS is all about early childhood joy guided by loving, experienced teachers. On a given day, children might paint a self-portrait or craft an octopus, make and eat a mini-pizza or a fruit kebab, work together on a science experiment, or meet some fascinating bugs!

The school philosophy fosters self-confidence and independence by celebrating the whole child as a unique person and as a member of the school community.

With a fabulous outdoor space, you’d want to play all day, too!

BHNS is surrounded by tall trees and natural beauty. Berkeley Hills Nursery School’s outdoor schoolyard is immediately adjacent to Grizzly Peak Park allowing for frequent woodsy hikes and exploration.

Its newly refurbished play structures include a multi-leveled wooden climber with views of the entire Bay. The outdoor yard doubles as a classroom, but the young students don’t realize that their play is also science.

Berkeley Hills Nursery School play yard
Terraced Play Yard | Photo: Kathleen Berland/BHNS

BHNS Parents and Families

A supportive, welcoming, and diverse community is a big part of the Berkeley Hills Nursery School experience. Some BHNS preschoolers have siblings and even parents who attended as children. BHNS honors and values the diversity families bring to the school.

In BHNS’s philosophy, communication and collaboration between teachers and parents is essential. Parents receive regular updates about school activities in the form of a daily journal and photos uploaded to a dedicated app, and they are welcome (but not required) to volunteer in the classroom.

We feel so lucky to have found BHNS! This lovely preschool has a staff that are truly passionate about early childhood learning through play and helping nurture a community amongst students and parents. The kids are outside for much of the day, make almost daily trips to the park next door, and given many options to explore different interests. ~ Lauren L.

child using hand tools
Using hand tools in nursery school | Photo: Kathleen Berland/BHNS

Visit Berkeley Hills Nursery School to see for yourself

BHNS welcomes young children ages 2 years, 9 months, through 5 years with a small, 7:1, student-to-teacher ratio.

Visit BHNS at the upcoming Open House and Play Date! Sunday, July 23 from 10 am to noon.

Email Kathleen to RSVP or schedule a tour: kvberland@berkeleyhills.org
Visit the website for more information >

Thank you again to Berkeley Hills Nursery School for sponsoring 510families.

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