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Support group for new mothers

Jennifer Subacic-Marks facilitates new mom support groups in Oakland and Berkeley under the descriptive name Support Group For Mothers. See the website for more information.

Support Groups exist for new moms as well as “second-time” (and beyond) mothers looking for connection and community during this important life transition. The format is a facilitated weekly discussion session with the same group over a six-week timeframe. The group also strives to have one in person outing another time during the week. Whitney and I both participated in these groups when our children were born. Most participants start when babies are between 2 and 16 weeks. I always said that if I even meet one person who I really like who has a same-aged baby as me, it would be worthwhile. These groups and friendships provide an opportunity for longterm connection and support which is critical as we embrace on our mothering adventures!

Drop-in support groups at Alta Bates take place every Thursday (barring holidays) on an as-needed basis. They provide less structure and community than the more structured groups. These are drop-in groups and are free the first session and then $10 drop in after that. Parents can also purchase a pass that is $45 for 5 sessions, which can be used for the Breastfeeding Support Groups as well. You can find a low cost option for families that need it – $25 for 6 sessions by request. The groups meet at the hospital in the new Family Resource Center Conference Room.

Breastfeeding support groups are all about babies and boobs. Come in on a drop-in basis to give and receive support, answers, and lifestyle reassurance. You are normal, you’re doing it right, and let me take a look at that latch! Breastfeeding Support Groups are priced the same as the drop-in mom support groups.


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3 thoughts on “Support group for new mothers”

  1. Hi – any support for dads? Can dads come too? My partner is back at work, I’m home with junior for 5 more weeks… Thanks!


  2. Question – I am a first time expecting Mom that lives in Oakland – are there groups for that? I live here with my husband and all of our family is elsewhere and I could use some other expecting Mom interactions.

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