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The Veranda: An Outdoor Mall in Concord With a Way-Cool Play Structure

Veranda Vertical playground
Kids can climb up and around without the risk of falling a great distance. | Photo: Maureen Burke

The Veranda shopping center in Concord has a few spots that parents might find entertaining and useful — Super Duper Burger,  Whole Foods, Popbar, and an IMAX movie theater — but none will be as exciting as the play structure they’ve installed, the Veranda Climber.

The Veranda Climber is designed to be a safe, interactive, three-dimensional vertical maze | Photo: Whitney Moss

Situated on the theater end of the mall, an encircled area with a bark-covered ground is home to a modern jungle gym, evocative of lily pads suspended in space. The climber offers a unique playground experience with 33 platforms children can move between. A net encloses the climbing area with three openings for entering and exiting. Tables and benches surround the climber so caregivers can easily monitor children.

Near the play area is an open space that is great for having a picnic-style lunch or a little rest. The space also hosts an outdoor ice rink during the winter months and live music performances during the summer. Ping-pong tables are onsite year-round.

The Veranda
The fountain display will dazzle toddlers | Photo: Maureen Burke

The whole mall has an elegant, upscale style. Mainstays include Whole Foods, MOD Pizza, Yard House, Cost Plus World Market, Peet’s Coffee, and the movie theater. Dave and Busters is there, too.

The movie theater includes a 4-story tall IMAX screen, electric recliners, and full-service in-theater dining. This is the answer to how to squeeze in dinner and a movie without paying a babysitter eighty bajillion dollars. You’ll eat dinner during the movie.

Veranda Kids Club

On a monthly basis, the shopping center hosts a special event for kids at a great deal for parents. For $5 a goody bag with treats is included for each child.  Events typically start at 10 am, and some Kids Club events include a $5 movie admission immediately following the event.  A calendar of Veranda events is available here >

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3 thoughts on “The Veranda: An Outdoor Mall in Concord With a Way-Cool Play Structure”

  1. If you’re already in the area, there is a tot lot to watch the planes at Buchanan Field in Concord, less than 5 minutes away from the Veranda!. Wish I’d known about that when my kids were toddlers!

  2. Hope it does not go the way of the huge Vallejo outdoor strip mall (down hill). As for the kids play structure remember when McDonalds and Burger King had bigger and better ones at their stores…..

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