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Where to Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste Items in Alameda County

In this era of heightened concern over the environment, I feel paralyzed whenever I open the lid to my outdoor trash bin. Am I throwing this thing away properly? Every piece of garbage carries weight. How can I dispose of this battery/empty can of carpet cleaner/expired painkiller responsibly?

Thanks to StopWaste for this guidance about the safe removal of hazardous waste from our homes. They are a sponsor of {510} Families and provide a valuable service to our community.

For those who have young children, regularly decluttering toxic and hazardous materials is an easy-to-do childproofing strategy. Empty-ish bottles of ant spray? Dead batteries that look fun to taste? Get the stuff out of your house!

Alameda County hazardous waste
Clean out your cupboard, closet, or garage and drop off at a nearby HHW facility for free
photo courtesy of StopWaste

What is included in “hazardous waste”?

In California, it’s illegal to throw away dangerous materials that could get into our waterways or contaminate the environment when they sit in the landfill. It’s not safe for the folks who handle the garbage either!

A sampling of items that definitely require careful disposal:

  • Lights and things with lights inside them, such as small appliances and old televisions
  • Batteries and anything whose batteries you cannot remove
  • Electronics, including toys with electronic parts (think noise-making toys!)
  • Mercury, such as a thermometer you don’t think works anymore
  • Leftover paint
  • Leftover pesticides and herbicides (weedkillers are hazardous to kids and pets!)

There are multiple, free, convenient options for Alameda County residents to properly and safely remove these materials from their homes.

Resources for East Bay families looking for hazardous waste disposal in Alameda County

Household Hazardous Waste facilities (Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, Livermore) that are open year-round and weekly for drop-off
No appointment is needed but an ID or utility bill is needed to verify Alameda County residency. Check for open hours and accepted materials at www.stopwaste.org/hhw.

Hazardous waste drop-off
Drop off event at Golden Gate Fields – open to all Alameda County residents
photo courtesy of StopWaste

One-day Community Drop-off events
Between May and October, there are numerous local events on Sundays, between 9 am – 1 pm, e.g., Golden Gate Fields, to drop-off household waste and old medicines. Start gathering all your items and register for an upcoming appointment. It’s easy and low-stress. Pack up your car, pull up to the facility or event, and technicians will empty your car and send you on your way.

The RE:Source guide
In case you’ve already cleared your home of toxic items and you’re left with small quantities of them, like a can of leftover paint, you can visit the RE:Source guide for local vendor disposal locations. The RE:Source guide also serves as a guide for alternative solutions like recycling, donating for reuse, and repair for any items you come across in your home, while spring cleaning, from electronics and furniture to clothes and bicycles.

Screenshot from StopWaste website
Screenshot from StopWaste’s RE:Source online guide


RESource logo animatedThanks again to StopWaste for sponsoring {510} Families and sharing this information with us.

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