Massage for Moms, oh yes!

Oftentimes those of us who really need a massage are least able to sneak out of the house and get one. Housebound new mamas, I’m looking at you. Maybe you have a few hours after bedtime or a reliable afternoon napper, but you’re still kind of stuck at home.

Well, I have wonderful news! Massage for Moms by Lori Colombo makes house calls! She will pack up her essential oils and massage table and bring it to you. She can come by after the kidlet’s bedtime and massage you (and your partner — this is not only for MOMS but also those who love them).

If being stuck at home is not your problem and you’d rather indulge in a massage elsewhere, Lori has a studio in West Berkeley and happily takes appointments there.

Spring 2011 pricing for the Berkeley studio is one hour for $70, 75 minutes for $85, or 90 minutes for $100. House calls are slightly more. Find out more and book an appointment at

If you live in the East Bay and are looking for a thoughtful new mom gift or a romantic at-home anniversary gift, I highly recommend Lori’s massage service. Lori also offers massage parties for moms groups (or any group of friends). Plan for 2-3 hours of massages for up to 8 people.

Disclosure: I treated myself to Lori’s in-studio (pre-natal) massage for Mother’s Day and Whitney has done the house call option for two. Good stuff. We paid full price.

[photo by NickWebb via flickr, not Lori’s hands]