Paint pottery at Brushstrokes

When I brought my five-week old into Brushstrokes for the first time, I thought he was "too old" and that I’d missed some important window for newborn feet. I’ve learned a lot since then. Among my many lessons is that baby feet are tiny and precious for quite a while and the folks who work at Brushstrokes know a thing or two about making baby keepsakes.


Meet your mom’s group there for a fun, chaotic morning of making mugs. Or bring your toddler in to smear up a beautiful plate (for which you had other ideas altogether).

The mom’s group special includes:

We now offer a private space for your Mom’s Group Outing, complete with a nursing chair, changing table, and baby play area –designed with moms and their babies in mind. Relax–we’ll do all the prints for you (we’re very experienced!).

  • 5 person minimum for the upstairs space
  • $9.50 flat rate studio fee per person
  • deposit required ($9.50 per person)

Reserve our private upstairs space weekdays from 2 PM – 5 PM or make a reservation for our downstairs space any time!

Email Jessica with questions or special requests.

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  1. says

     I did this with my baby also. We made frames for the grandparents and tiles for our house.They do grow quickly, but not SO quickly that 5 weeks old is too old :-)