Take your kid on a date: Cafe Yesterday

I read about Cafe Yesterday on Berkeleyside and filed it on my mental to-do list for a couple months.

Breakfast served all day, attention to quality ingredients, and vinyl playing on the speakers. What’s not to love? I showed up with my laptop and wrote for several hours. Now, it’s my favorite work-from-home destination. I eat oatmeal with bananas and coconut on top at least once per week while I work on my writing assignments at the cozy University Avenue cafe.

What makes a wi-fi cafe that serves boutique-y coffee a special treat for one-on-one time with your child? It’s the cereal.

If your kids have never seen cereal that will turn their milk into chocolate milk, let them enjoy the miracle of Cocoa Puffs at Cafe Yesterday. My son chose Lucky Charms for his inaugural visit, but halfway through the magically delicious bowl, realized that he had not selected any “toppings”, and insisted that we come back for dessert on a different day so that he could get creative with cereal artistry. (See menu above.)

 I haven’t yet ordered a real sandwich or salad because I’m so in love with breakfast foods, but maybe tomorrow…

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  1. Anonymous says

    I love Cafe Yesterday! I found it when looking for a place to take a young 9 year old friend after a trip to the library across the street. It’s got the kind of environment that can appeal to all ages – from cereals with toppings, books and games for kids, to great music, comfy tables and chairs and visual aesthetics that adults like. Nice, friendly management, too.