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Creations Berkeley: Drop-In Classes for Little Dancers

New to the shops along Martin Luther King Jr Way in North Berkeley sits Creations Berkeley, a dance studio that offers drop-in friendly movement classes for little dancers. Classes range from hip hop dance for ages 4-5 to magical yoga classes for ages 2-3. You can try the first class for free.

Child in yoga pose with instructor
Children move into a variety of yoga poses in the first portion of the class. | Photo: Maureen Burke

Our Class Experience

I took my three-year-old child to a Yoga Fairy & Wizard Costume Tea Party class and she had a fabulous time! The class was intimate, with space for only a handful of children and caregivers. Kids are invited to arrive dressed in costume; mine wore a princess dress. The class was divided into three parts: movement, sensory activity, then tea party.

First, our instructor Carla (who is also the owner) led the kids through some simple yoga poses, then danced some wiggles out while singing some classic kids’ songs. All the movements were fun for my little one and within her capabilities. She especially enjoyed completing a few yoga poses set to a cute, custom song. The instructor was very positive and encouraging to all the little dancers. Overall, the movement portion of the class reminded me of a Cosmic Kids Yoga adventure. Parents and caregivers are welcome to join in or sit and watch.

Child in yoga pose during class
Yoga poses are set to songs and stories during class. | Photo: Maureen Burke

Next, we rolled up our yoga mats and began the art activity. The kids created a fun, sensory art project—painting in a bag. All the materials were laid out on a table that was just the right height for toddlers. Given that my child was dressed in a beloved costume, I appreciated how it was relatively mess-free. The kids were super engaged and excited to explore with the colorful paints.

Class ended with a beautiful tea party spread. We were served little sandwiches, fruit, dessert, and drinks. The owner is a parent herself and really kept the kids in mind when preparing the tea party. The fruit was sliced into bite-sized pieces and drinks were served in spill-free cups. We ate outside on the little back porch, which was decorated to look like a secret garden. After refueling, participating families were invited to dance inside or say goodbye. All in all, the class lasted about 45-60 minutes.

Yoga Fairy Tea Party class ended with snacks and drinks
Small and tasty bites were served to kids and adults. | Photo: Maureen Burke

The Bottom Line on Creations Berkeley

I appreciate the drop-in-friendly class structure offered at Creations Berkeley. The Yoga Tea Party class included so many things that toddlers love: costumes, yoga, songs, dance movements, fun activities, and snacks. The studio is still fairly new (it opened in early summer 2022), so the owner is understandably learning her groove when it comes to class offerings and run of show. Overall, I’d take my daughter to another class because she had an amazing time and talked about the class to anyone who would listen for several days. And isn’t that what any parent wants to offer their child: a fun and memorable experience?

The option to test a class is a huge benefit! Simply email the studio to claim a trial class and reserve a space. Registration for some classes is via Eventbrite. The studio also hosts adult classes if you’re seeking a child-free option.

Creations Berkeley Dance Studio

Location: 1640 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley, CA 94709

Hours: Class times vary; see schedule for monthly offerings

Website for class descriptions, pricing, and schedule >>

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