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25 Super Duper Activities to Do With Kids at Home

Sometimes it is just not possible to go out and enjoy the sun and fresh air, whether my kiddo is feeling under the weather, the baby is napping, the skies are too smoky, or the rest of the world is requesting “social distancing strategies”.

I created a list of our favorite fun stay-at-home activities with inspiration from around the Internet in the hopes a few of them will keep your toddler entertained, too.

More at-home fun than singing Baby Shark for the hundredth time

  1. Take out all your plastic storage containers and lids and let your kid match the lids, stack them, put their favorite toys in them, or just toss them around.
  2. Shaving cream. Do I need to say more?
  3. Stick magnet alphabets on cookie sheets or metal buckets.
Tearing paper to make a dress for Rapunzel | Photo: Kat Choi
  1. Tear paper (flyers or old magazines work great) into small pieces and glue them on cardboard boxes or paper with your favorite drawing.
  2. Make your own fluffy slime or playdough or moon sand.
  3. Play paper plate tic-tac-toe on the floor.
  4. No mess finger painting or full out messy body painting (preferably in the bathtub. DIY bath paint >).
  5. Play hide-and-seek with your stuffies.
Build a dollhouse out of books for a change | Photo: Kat Choi
  1. Tired of reading the same book over and over? Build dollhouses with books or book dominos.
  2. Pour in colorful dried pasta onto a storage bin, toss in few small toy items, and scoop out hidden toys with spoons.
  3. Bake cookies, brownies, pie, or a chocolate cake in a mug to share.
  4. Turn your wall into a canvas (tape kraft paper or jumbo post-its on it first!)
Time to give our stuffies a good bath (and water playtime to keep kids busy) | Photo: Kat Choi
  1. Give your toys a bath (in the tub or outside in a large bin).
  2. Stuff adult-sized old shirt with pillows and have a sumo match.
  3. Have a fashion show where your child dresses you up!
  4. Turn your hallway into a mission impossible crepe paper “laser” obstacle course.
  5. Buy a bag of assorted pom poms and have your kid sort them out by color or by size in a jar.
Paint a box | Photo: Kat Choi
  1. Expecting an Amazon delivery? Save the box and use it to paint, build a robot, or just to sit in it.
  2. Use pool noodles to make an awesome fort.
  3. Camp in the backyard (or the living room!).
  4. Blast on your kids’ favorite music and have a dance party.
  5. FaceTime with family and friends. Yay for grandparents willing to read a story.
  6. Enjoy a celebrity read-along with PBS Kids.
  7. Play The Floor is Lava with your couch cushions.
  8. Turn a cardboard box into an epic marble run.

[All photos by Kat Choi]

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6 thoughts on “25 Super Duper Activities to Do With Kids at Home”

  1. These are all wonderful ideas and just sent them to my baby and preschool grandsons in Israel! Thank you so much Kat!!

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