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{510} Family Faves with Kids Love Oakland

Kamaria Lofton is the creator and author of the Kids Love Oakland book series. Born and raised in Oakland,CA she has completed preschool through graduate school (Mills College) in the city that she loves. Buy your copies at Kids Love Oakland website >>

Kamaria Lofton Family
Family picture provided by Kamaria Lofton

Now, a mother of two children she is exploring Oakland all over again with her little ones.

Kids Love Oakland book series

Kids Love Oakland book series
The first three books in the Kids Love Oakland book series

oakland baby bookKamaria has written seven books (so far!) in the Kids Love Oakland book series plus a baby board book. The first three books, My City is Oakland, Oakland Bird, The Gnomes of Oakland, are available to purchase and the other four are in the final stages of publication. [Find your own gnomes in Oakland!]

Books are about $10 each. Buy your copies at Kids Love Oakland website >>

Oakland favorites with Kids Love Oakland author

What does a lifelong Oaklander love to share with her children? Kamaria shared three of her go-to favorite places in Oakland.

Fentons Creamery on Piedmont Ave.

Fentons is a great place to enjoy ice cream with the kids. [Editor’s note: For most bang for your buck with children, order a deconstructed kids banana split. Trust me.]

Morcom Rose Garden off of Grand Ave.

We like visiting the rose garden together. We can walk along the acres and acres of paths, climb the stairways, and stare at the fountains for a long time. It always smells and looks magical at all times of the year. [20 more wonderful places to play outside with toddlers]

Riding bikes near Fairyland

When the cars were limited, we had lots of fun riding our bikes through the Bellevue Parking trail near Fairyland.

Kamaria Lofton

Big thanks to Kamaria Lofton for sharing her books and family favorites with us.

[All photos provided by Kamaria Lofton and used with permission]

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