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George Florence Park Profile: Playground With Huge Grass Area in West Berkeley

George Florence Park, recently renovated, offers a large, flat grass area for running around or setting up a blanket with two play structure areas: one for tots (2-5 years old) and one for big kids (5-12).

Berkeley Totlot: George Florence Park

The tot lot is fully enclosed with a fence, so it’s a great place for keeping an eye on multiple toddlers or bringing your preschooler when you have a new baby in tow.

The tot lot features a plastic slide, some interactive play panels, bucket-style swings, a covered structure for playing clubhouse or store, and a modern climbing structure. Bring toys to enjoy the sandbox area (but scan it for cat poop, first!)

George Florence Tot Lot


Berkeley playground: George Florence Park

The area for older kids is not fenced. It features a tall slide and a modern climbing structure. This is an urban park, set close to the street and other buildings.

Located at Tenth Street between Allston Way and Addison Street, the park occupies about a half-acre of space in Southwest Berkeley. There are no bathrooms on site. 

Nearby attractions:

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  • Pick up donuts for your spread from Rainbow Donuts.
  • Mi Tierra Foods on San Pablo is a small grocery with fresh produce if you need a healthy snack.

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