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Tassajara Park (and playground!) in El Cerrito

Situated in a hilly neighborhood of El Cerrito, Tassajara Park is a great place for kids of all ages to play. We had so much fun at this clean and large park. It has two large play structures, one for tots and one for older kids, two spinning chairs, two tennis courts, a basketball court, and spacious grass field to run and play.

tassajara playground el cerrito
Tassajara Park’s Playground in El Cerrito | Photo: Kat Choi

The older kids’ play structure has climbing opportunities with fun fish-shaped steps and a swirly slide. I saw school-aged kids going wild playing chase on the large structure, so parents with little ones should be aware when older kids are playing (this is true in all cases but especially since the play structure here seems perfect for game of tag).

tassajara park el cerrito

The playground area is partially enclosed with hedges and metal fences. There is an open space between the hedges and the bathroom, but I didn’t have to worry about my kids running out of the park.

The playground area is covered in soft mat material, and the area surrounding the two swings is covered in wood chips.


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Tassajara Park is located in a quiet neighborhood. Street parking is easily available, and only a few cars go by. An ice cream truck stopped there twice while we were at the park! (We did not have ice cream twice.)

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My girls love playing with sand lately, so having a large sandbox is a bonus at playgrounds. The sandbox was big enough for four or five kids to play comfortably. There is no water feature which was disappointing for my older one, but lucky for Mom — less mess! Be sure to bring your own toys; there are no toys available to play here.

el cerrito tassajara
Photo: Kat Choi

Tassajara Park is not busy on weekday afternoons. Weekends get busier but not overcrowded.

Planning to have a meal here? Wooden benches surround the edges of the park. Large trees provide shade for two picnic tables. The grass field is plenty large for both picnickers and kids throwing balls around.


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tassajara park
Photo: Kat Choi

About El Cerrito park bathrooms

The bathroom (clean!) is in the same building as the pottery studio where adults can go for drop-in sessions on Mondays nights (7-9:30pm $11/resident $13.5/non-resident). You need to purchase the key from the El Cerrito Community Center for $18 to use it. When you return the key, you get your money back. There’s no deadline to return the key. This is true for all El Cerrito parks.

We will definitely return to Tassajara Park!

Address: 2575 Tassajara Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530

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