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Park Profile: Woodstock Park in Alameda

Tucked in at the end of a cozy cul-de-sac in Alameda, Woodstock Park is a nice playground with lots of exciting features including a zipline, platform disc swings, and a giant rope climbing structure. I recently took my five year old for a morning of play and she had a ton of fun. So if you’re looking for a bright and clean playground with some cool features for kids of all ages, check out Woodstock Park in Alameda (but probably on a weekend).

Worth noting, the Boys & Girls Club of Alameda is directly across the street from the playground, so there are waves of kids that come to play for ten-minute recesses throughout the day during the week when camp is in session.

child on zipline at playground
A pretty long zipline that’s easy for younger kids to get on and do themselves | Photo: Julie Herson

Alameda’s Woodstock Park Features

Location: 350 Cypress St Alameda (on Cypress and Brush Streets, east of Third Street)
Unique Features of Playground: Zipline, platform swings, giant rope climbing structure, ocean-themed play structure with slides.
Swings: 2 platform swings.
Fenced in? Kinda. The play area is fully fenced, but there are no gates, just two openings in the fence.
Surfaces: Soft cushy rubber mat throughout.
Bathroom: Yes! Directly outside the fenced area.
Lunch tables & seating: Several benches in the shade just outside the fenced area.
Parking: Free street parking, which can be crowded or not depending on the time of day.
Shade: Several large eucalyptus trees by the benches provide some nice shade, but a lot of the play area, especially the large structure, is fully exposed to the sun.
Pros: Zipline! Mixed-age appropriate with some smaller slides and climbing areas for younger kids; big kids will love the rope structure and zipline.
Cons: Busy with school-aged children throughout the day when youth camp is in session. Consider a weekend visit during the summer to avoid the crowds.

Woodstock Park for little kids

My five-year-old has loved this park since she was two. She always loves to spend forever relaxing on one of the big platform swings in the shade. The cute ocean-themed play structure was also exciting for her, with thrilling big and small slides and plenty of visual stimulation, and little nooks to enliven her imagination. Happily, the zipline is also approachable to little kids, with a solid seat and not-too-high profile. So she is also able to zip along like her big brothers without feeling left out. This may not look like a toddler or little kid-friendly playground, we found it very engaging for the five and under set.

playground with blue slides
The ocean themed play structure is fun and bright | Photo: Julie Herson

If you have littles under two, there’s also a little kid playground down at the back end of the park past the grassy field. Sadly my spirited little girl did not want to even go near the “baby kid park”, which she made abundantly clear at a very high volume (hence no pictures, sorry!). But from what I could tell at a distance, it’s a cute little structure with smaller slides and climbing areas.

child going down blue slide
Woodstock Park has a lot of climbing and sliding opportunities packed into a small space | Photo: Julie Herson

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Woodstock Park for bigger kids

My seven-year-old also loves this park. He’s a big fan of ziplines and climbing, so this is the perfect playground for him. Kids ages 5-10 will find plenty of things to keep their energy engaged, be it finding different routes up the rope climbing structure or zipping back and forth on the zipline. From what we saw of the school-aged children that were there, playing tag on the play structure is the hot ticket, with lots of pathways and slides that offer escape routes.

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child swinging on disc swing
There are two platform disc swings, though they are oddly high off the ground, so little kids will need help up | Photo: Julie Herson

What to Bring

  • Sunscreen and hats
  • Snacks or lunch
  • Soccer ball to play in the grassy field

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The Bottom Line on Woodstock Park in Alameda

Woodstock Park offers a nice newer play structure and plenty of features to keep both big and little kids excited for a good while. The zipline is super duper fun as is the rope structure. It’s also only a five minute drive from Target, which is a nice bonus. Consider this terrific playground for your next family adventure in Alameda.

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