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Kid Report: Taqueria La Familia

Our Kid Reporter today is Rafi who is going into 6th grade in Berkeley.

Berkeley Taqueria

Taqueria La Familia is a restaurant in South Berkeley. This family-run restaurant makes great food. They use good tortillas, cook their meat well, and use fresh vegetables.

It is a good family restaurant. They are nice, and it has a mural on the wall. Because a family runs La Familia it is a great place to take your family. La Familia is welcoming and inviting.

La Familia makes great food. I like their carnitas burrito. Their fish tacos are also good. My sister likes a bean and rice burrito when we go to La Familia.

La Familia is not expensive; it is only six or seven dollars for a burrito or four dollars for a taco. That is inexpensive for good food.

A good time to go to La Familia is when you are really hungry and want food fast. La Familia has fast service and has large portions. For example, a good time to go is after baseball practice or when it is late and you are hungry and your parents don’t feel like cooking.

Overall La Familia is a great restaurant and you should go there. After all good, inexpensive, delicious food is hard to not like.

Taqueria La Familia is located at 2971 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA


Thanks for your post, Rafi!

taqueria in berkeley

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Rafi and the next Kid Reporter submission will receive gift cards for Mr. Mopps toy store and bookstore as a thank you for their posts.

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4 thoughts on “Kid Report: Taqueria La Familia”

  1. Jim aka MooPoppy

    Wow, what a great review! Next time I’m in Berkeley I’m going to La Familia. Rafi should consider a career as a restaurant reviewer. In the interest of full disclosure I am the reviewer’s grandfather.

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