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Worth the Drive: Heather Farm Park & Playground in Walnut Creek

The unique feature of the Heather Farm playground in Walnut Creek is a set of artificial-turf covered mounds that children can slide down on sheets of cardboard. The park is a great destination for all ages. From a stroller-friendly walk around the pond to a well-placed bench for grandparents to sit, it has a lot to offer, and as it’s only a few years old, it’s all in tip-top condition. During Covid-19 the capacity is 150.

Endless fun at colorful Heather Farm Park | Photo: Kat Choi
Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek
Photo: Whitney Moss
Heather Farm Park Rock Wall
Photo: Whitney Moss

Heather Farm Park Features

Location: 301 N San Carlos Drive in Walnut Creek
Unique Features of Playground: All ability playground features; tot lots; turf hills for surfing; climbing wall; curvy slides; vibrant climbing structures, sand pit with water feature.
Swings: Two bucket swings; four regular swings; two accessible swings for special needs children.
Fenced in? Not really, and there’s a lot of room to run.
Surfaces: Cushy rubber mat surface near the play structures, turf hills, natural grass in the fields, sand area with water feature.
Bathroom: Yes, across the parking lot at the swim center.
Unique Features of the Park Overall: Swimming at the Clarke Swim Center; tennis; equestrian center; skate park; gardens; off-leash dog park; bike paths connecting the Iron Horse Trail; sand volleyball court; fishing pond; garden and community center; six athletic fields.
Lunch tables & seating:
Several benches scattered throughout and several tables that can be reserved for parties.
Parking: Large free parking lot shared with swim center. Not usually difficult to find a spot during the week; weekends are more difficult.
Shade: Some. There are umbrella coverings throughout, but it’s still pretty exposed to the sun and it can get rather hot. Wear a hat!
Covid-19 Restricted Occupancy: 150 in the total area, but it would be hard to keep track.
Pros: Mixed-age appropriate; lots of wide open space; sports facilities; inventive play structures; swimming right nearby.
Cons: This fabulous playground and park can get crowded on the weekends. Lots of geese, and yes goose poop, in the fields.

Heather Farm
Photo: Anna Azimi

When I visited with a mom friend, we had with us a three-year old who enjoyed all the climbing and sliding opportunities for her age group; a pair of seven-year old girls who conquered all the tunneled curvy slides and the snowboarding opportunities offered by the hills; and ten-year old boys who shot baskets at the adjacent courts.

After a couple of hours on the playground, my friend and I lead the kids to scooter a few laps around the lake, and finally visited the botanical gardens, which they found boring, but might be better appreciated by toddlers who want to touch every plant as they walk by.

The bouncy animals in the tot area are my two-year old’s favorite | Photo: Julie Herson
So many vibrant bright colors and Willy Wonka-like structures | Photo: Julie Herson

Heather Farms Park is located at 301 N San Carlos Dr, Walnut Creek, CA.


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6 thoughts on “Worth the Drive: Heather Farm Park & Playground in Walnut Creek”

  1. Looks cool. We used to bask in the sun by the pool at Heather Farms before we had kids. It’s also a starting point for Iron Horse trail. If only Walnut Creek closer…

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  3. Heather Farm Park has it all! An Olympic size swimming pool, wide open green spaces, an awesome kids playground, rose garden, trails, pond, picnic tables and even a dog park tucked away. They have some great tennis courts and soccer fields as well.

    We offer kids soccer classes every Friday Morning for kids ages 12 months – 3 years.

  4. Wow thx for writing about this! Looks like a great park. Glad i scrolled the comments too we will also have to visit the obstacle courses/pool! I live in hercules and while we have a few great small parks and a good library we have to drive away to get to other good things to do with our toddler.

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