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Homeroom: Temescal Mac & Cheese Restaurant

The one thing my son will eat most reliably is mac-and-cheese. I was the same way when I was a kid. About six months ago I read that two women were opening up a restaurant in Oakland dedicated to this tried and true dish and calling it Little Mac… that is until a concern that McDonald’s owns the use of “Mac” when it comes to food. I heard nothing for several months, and then yesterday, upon reading a blog post about Homeroom, I realized it must be the same place.

Homeroom Oakland mac and cheese

Homeroom opened its doors on 40th Street in Temescal.

The menu is all about the macaroni and cheese, and, this being the Bay Area, there are gluten-free and vegan options for most of the dishes. Broccoli, carrots, or a side salad can round out your meal. The desserts sound scrumptious.

The vibe is hipster-cute with a paper airplane logo and a card catalog-themed loyalty program. Is it kid-friendly? Read a thorough review here from a local mom.

Beware of the hours: closed Mondays and open only during the dinner and lunch windows. (Do not stop by for a mid-afternoon snack at 3 pm; you will be disappointed.)

Homeroom is definitely high on my list of places to go in the East Bay, but I think I will try it out with friends before inviting my children to tag along.

(photo by Stacey Z via yelp)

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3 thoughts on “Homeroom: Temescal Mac & Cheese Restaurant”

  1. Ok, thanks to this post, I tried it. We arrived just before noon and there was no wait. We were seated and ordered immediately. Food was at least 45 minutes in coming and was not hot. Mac was fine but not worth the drive. The homemade Oreo was spectacular.

    Plenty of highchairs and boosters. I forgot to check on a changing table.

    I might return with Mac-loving kids (of which I have none) for an early-bird dinner with a stack of activity books.

  2. This is a fab restaurant, tho often very busy during peak hours. There are plenty of families, and the booth or smalls tables are best. There is one large communal table that is a bit too high… I recommend adding the peas and/or mushrooms, and the breadcrumbs to your dishes. They also have vegan options, also good for the lactose intolerant.

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