Fish and Lizards and Rodents, oh my!

In our book, The Rookie Mom’s Handbook, we recommend a free rainy day outing for toddlers, Activity #257: Meow, bark and tweet at the pet store.

Locally, here are a few of our favorite spots to get our miniature zoo fix:

  • PetCo in the Cerrito Plaza: the original inspiration for this activity has fish, rodents, and more. Great for strolling or toddling kids. Great for mommy because you can pick up dinner at Trader Joe’s right after. For full-on rainy day adventures, add in the train table at Barnes and Noble.
  • East Bay Vivarium: get your lizard (and snake) on right near the fun times on Fourth Street. Good children can be rewarded with a visit to the Ark. Good mommies can pick up food at The Pasta Shop. EBV is on 5th and a little tucked away.
  • 99 Ranch is an Asian Market swimming with so many live fish, the kids don’t realize it’s a grocery store. My friend Chris told me about the place saying, “there are some nice restaurants and a great candy store” in the complex.

Where do you take your kiddos to get up close and personal with animals in the East Bay?

{Holden is exploring the wildlife at 99 Ranch in Richmond}

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