Best East Bay destinations and tips for train lovers

Can we talk about trains? My little boys are all about trains. When my oldest was one, the best way to get him out of the house was to talk about the choo choos we would see: real train, BART train, train table, it didn’t matter (but there had to be trains).

I could easily talk him into leaving Totland if I said we were going to go to Target for some train spotting. In fact, I was nervous to accept a hand-me-down train table for fear of losing that leverage. I needn’t have worried, we picked up a used train table, and he was still happy to go anywhere to see trains!

Trains you can ride

Trains you can ride: Train Town Train
Our part of the Bay Area has many options for train enthusiasts to ride the rails in many sizes and forms. You could easily spend all your free time tracking them down (Hee hee, I said “track”).

Best places for trainspotting:

Trainspotting in the East Bay

To get your train lover out of the house, promise a visit to some of these destinations. It worked for me.

Aquatic Park Playground (AKA Dreamland): Right on the marina path at the end of Bancroft, this tucked away playground is nearly fenced in. It goes silent every time a train screams past both because the trains are deafening from this proximity and also the kids stop playing to watch.

Albany Target: Seriously, do some shopping and then watch for trains. If you want to blow your kids’ minds with how cool this outing is, get cocoa at the Starbucks before the waiting begins. (Here are my insider tips for parents at Albany Target)

Tacubaya on Fourth: If we’re out for a tasty dinner, we can sit on the patio and watch for trains. Whee.

Emeryville Station: If all else fails and we didn’t see any trains on our outing, I will swing by the closest train station on the way home and say, “oh, look a train” because it never fails that there’s at least one parked here.

A few words about train tables:

Snippety Crickets Train Table

If your child is nuts for trains, it can be helpful to know of a few strategically placed train tables throughout the East Bay so you can get your errands done.  I used to know them all, the Snippety Crickets train table is pictured above whereas all my other faves have vanished.

Please let me know of some other ones around town and we can build a cool mash-up map so we’re never away from the rails!!

[photo credits: Heather Flett]

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