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10 free and cheap birthday party places

I love a happy birthday party that doesn’t cost a ton – Target Dollar Spot anyone? Pick up cute plates, a tablecloth, and even little party favors for an easy party sure to please everyone. We asked our Facebook community where you like to throw parties on the cheap in the East Bay, and we’ve rounded up the top ten. Thanks, guys!

Terrace Park Birthday
Birthday donuts at Terrace Park. | PC: Anna Azimi

10 cheap birthday party places in the East Bay

Adventure Playground

How about painting and sawing at Adventure Playground and picnicking at the spaces near Shorebird Park? Here’s how we throw a birthday party at Adventure Playground.

Codornices Park

Daniella tells us her favorite party park is Codornices for the big open field, playground and concrete slide. Read our post of Codornices Park as a birthday party spot.

Lake Anza

A beach party on a nice day is great for a crowd where the adults will stay with little ones. Otherwise, wait to host this party until your guests are all competent swimmers. Be sure to bring a portable table, or you’ll be risking sand in your food. [See our tips about visiting & swimming in Lake Anza]

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Little Farm at Tilden Park

Rachel and Britt love the Little Farm at Tilden, free for kiddos to run around and play. The nearby picnic sites need to be reserved, but they’re not too expensive. Bring enough celery for each child to feed a bunch to the goats. How to have an affordable kid birthday party at Little Farm.


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Public School Playgrounds

Check to see if your public school playground is open on the weekends, and tell everyone to bring their wheels and helmets. Set up a track with chalk and let the kids wheel around. Thousand Oaks School and Park is a popular spot.

Roberts Regional Park

Can be a picnic party in the spring or fall, or a swim party in the summer. Here’s how to throw a cheap birthday party at Roberts Regional Park >

ThousandOaks tot4
Having fun at Thousand Oaks Tot Park | Photo: Kat Choi

Sulphur Creek

An East Bay treasure and the best birthday place for animal lovers with a beautiful, quaint nature reserve with cool animals, guided nature walk. The staff brings out animals of your choosing to hold. Reader Mandy’s kid chose a tarantula and a chinchilla.

Splash Park

Summer birthdays can take advantage of a nearby splash park. Arrive early to get the perfect spot and bring water squirters for extra fun.

Temescal Regional Park

Some of the picnic sites are reservation-based, but many are FREE.


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Your Favorite Neighborhood Park

Pick up a dozen donuts and chocolate milk cartons to serve your guests at your neighborhood park. We do this every year and it never disappoints.

Outdoor Birthday Party
Happy birthday anywhere — Backyards are great too! Donuts optional. | PC: Anna Azimi

Add to our list with a comment below, or see our fantastic Guide to Throwing Kid Birthday Parties in the East Bay.

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